Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 

Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 


Veterans Graves Need Our Help 

Volunteers across America.  Honoring our veterans and acting on the statement,  “Thank you for your service”.
Volunteers across America. Honoring our veterans and acting on the statement, “Thank you for your service”.

Help Honor Our Fallen Heroes 

We need Patriotic American Volunteers to clean every veteran headstone not located within a National Cemetery. They need our urgent attention in all our private, family, city and religious denominational cemeteries.  

All veteran headstones should be maintained in a clean and respectable condition as if it belonged in one of our National Cemeteries such as Arlington. 

Help lead the charge to clean every veteran headstone in America. 

Adopt A Fallen Veterans Grave 

A veterans marker after cleaning.
A veterans marker after cleaning.

How We Can All Help

By adopting a grave, we all can do our part in preserving the honor of our veterans. It’s very simple, search for a veteran’s grave, such as in a private, city, family or religious denomination cemetery. Search the graves for a military headstone or flat marker that has been left unattended, abandoned or both.  The idea being, that you will now care for it as needed and prepare it for an excellent presentation for Memorial Day and every day of the year.

When someone commits to personally caring for a veteran's physical grave you commit: 

  • to keeping the veteran headstone or marker clean.
  • to displaying  a grave flag for Memorial Day and if you are allowed, 365 days a year.             
  • to pull weeds pick up debris from atop a veteran grave. 

It is wise to get permission from cemetery officials and explain to them what you plan to do.  Provide them with the national cemeteries protocol for cleaning and maintaining veterans grave.  (You can make copies from here).  

Useful Links That You Will Need

The goal of cleaning is to remove air pollution soiling, lichen, bird droppings, dirt, salts, and sap
— it is NOT to make the headstone/marker look “like new.” Improper or unnecessary cleaning can accelerate the deterioration of marble and granite; pre-1970s bronze was not sealed and will have a blue-green patina that will not be removed by cleaning. 
Don Gelinas, Honoring Our Fallen Veterans