Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 

Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 


About Us 

“Thank you for your service”.  

How many times have you heard those words? As a retired Funeral Director I have heard them often. After awhile those words become shallow and meaningless.  

During my time as a funeral director I’ve had the privilege of serving at the funerals of  hundreds of fallen heroes.  Walking through the cemeteries, I saw many graves that were not cared for. Grass, moss and algae all over the headstones and worse some damaged or broken. 

Now retired I have taken personal responsibility to adopt many of the graves of our fallen heroes. By cleaning the headstones and markers  and placing flags on the graves, I feel I am making a difference.  
Those words,  “Thank you for your service” now holds meaning for me. 

Folks we can do this. Join the hundreds of individuals who are making a difference.   You can too. Adopt a veterans grave and start honoring our fallen veterans.  

Don Gelinas. 
Honoring Out Fallen Veterans   

My Current Project. 

June 14, 2021.

I am currently working on two veterans grave in Seabrook, NH.  Below are before photos of the project.   Both graves belong to veterans of WW I. They are in a well cared for cemetery but no family to maintain the upkeep of the headstone.    

More photos to come of the work in progress. 
Don Gelinas, Honoring Our Fallen Veterans