Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 

Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 


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Nathan Munsey
Nathan Munsey

August 16, 2021

This is the veterans grave of Nathan Munsey.

I recently found his headstone at Elmwood Cemetery in Seabrook NH. 

This Civil War monument is typical of what I’ve seen in the private cemeteries. It has an extensive build up of moss and lichen.  

This monument will need full care of water, orvus soap, scrubbing and d2 or wet and forget to bring it back to life.    

July 15, 2021

I have started two new projects in Seabrook, NH.  They are WW 2 and WW 1 veterans, Pvt. Raymond F. Haley, U.S. Army and Joseph Thomas Neves CON U.S. Navy and their headstones need attention.

Photos below show the condition before and after using Wet and Forget. They will now sit and get another treatment in the fall.  

This process is slower than scrubbing, I am considering using that method in the future. 

June 19, 2021 

A little clean up needed.

Civil War Headstones were not marked with dates of death or birth.

Cpl. Stephen W. Chase - Co. D ; b. Seabrook ; age 24 ; res. Seabrook', cred. Seabrook ; enl. Aug. 14, '62 ; must, in Sept. 23, '62, as Priv. ; app. Corp. Mar. 1, '65 ; must, out July 8, '65. P. O. ad., Seabrook.

14th New Hampshire Infantry.

Civl War

THE Fourteenth was the last long term regiment furnished by New Hampshire. It was recruited mostly from the central and southwestern sections

The 14th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment that participated in the American Civil War. It was the last three-year regiment raised in New Hampshire, serving from September 24, 1862, to July 8, 1865. Carroll Davidson Wright was one of its regimental leaders. The regiment lost a total of 232 men during its service; 8 officers and 63 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded, 4 officers and 151 enlisted men by disease.

June 14, 2021

I am currently working on veterans graves in Seabrook, NH.  

Below are before photos of the project.   Both graves belong to veterans of WW I. They are in a well cared for cemetery but no family to manage the upkeep of the headstones.   

More photos to come. 
Don Gelinas, Honoring Our Fallen Veterans