Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 

Honoring Our Fallen Veterans 


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The goal of cleaning is to remove air pollution soiling, lichen, bird droppings, dirt, salts, and sap
— it is NOT to make the headstone/marker look “like new.” Improper or unnecessary cleaning can accelerate the deterioration of marble and granite; pre-1970s bronze was not sealed and will have a blue-green patina that will not be removed by cleaning. 
An excellent section on basic procedures for safe cleaning of grave markers. 
The Department of Veterans Affairs will furnish, upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone to deceased, eligible veterans in any cemetery around the world.  Examples of the types of no charge memorials available are shown to the left. 

Register Veterans Graves


Once you have identified a veterans grave and have decided  to maintain that grave then please go to veterangraves.com to register you sponsorship.

By registering your work, a permanent record is now kept of cared graves that are in, municipal, private and religious denominational cemeteries.  

Cemetery flags, also known as grave marker flags, act as a tribute to all the veterans who have served our country. These grave flags are perfect to commemorate the heroic acts of loved ones who died in the service of others. 

Wet & Forget Outdoor Cleaner! One gallon makes six gallons of cleaner.  A one gallon container of solution will clean over 15 veterans markers and head stones. Simply spray and walk away! That's it. Wet & Forget goes to work with the wind and rain to gently clean the surface over time. 

Easy Spray & Leave Application

No Scrubbing Rinsing or Pressure Washing

Bleach-free, Phosphate-free and Non-acidic 

Surfaces Stay Clean 1+ Years in Most Cases

Safe for Virtually Any Outdoor Surface. 

D/2 Biological Solution is specially formulated to remove environmental pollution, dirt, and staining from biological soils such as mold, mildew, lichen, and algae from indoor and outdoor structures. Available in 1 gallon size, 5 gallon size, and 6 gallon case (which contains 6 one gallon containers).  

Orvus is a sodium lauryl sulfate. It is completely biodegradable, non-ionic, and does not contain phosphates. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a “surfactant” – it removes stains and residues that are oily, so it’s found as an ingredient in lots of surface cleaners. It is versatile stuff and is used to clean vintage textiles, linens, needlework, and quilts. All things very prone to delicate dies and fibers that must be treated very gently. Orvus paste is very concentrated so it does not take much to clean with.

There are several ways to use Orvus Paste, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. They are simply a matter of preference.

Below is a simple step by step instruction on using Orvus, water, and a nylon brush.

Designed specifically for lawn and garden use, pest control, and house cleaning, this sprayer offers a dual cone nozzle spray system, corrosion-resistant poly wand with comfort-grip pump handle, automatic pressure-relief valve, and a no-spill semi-translucent funnel top tank with an easily visible liquid level. Additionally, it has 32-inch braided hose and a poly flow control with lock-on feature for continuous spray over large areas.

Other needed supplies. 

Most of the additional supplies can be purchased at your local stores.
Don Gelinas, Honoring Our Fallen Veterans